Floor Coverings and More is a turn-key, full service remodeling company specializing in kitchen and bath remodeling. We also remodel entire homes as well. With most of our projects we take our clients through the entire process of the remodel, from the planning stages through completion.

Our kitchen and bath remodeling services include:

*Cabinets *Counter tops *Flooring *Fixtures *Appliances *Accessories *Painting and more.

We take pride in our ability to build what our clients envision as their dream kitchens and baths. So, let us help you design and build the kitchen or bath of your dreams!
Floor Coverings and More is a full service residential contracting business founded in Houston, TX in 1989. We specialize in home improvement projects that require both design and building services. Dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves in repeat customers and a high number of customer referrals for new work.
Floor Coverings and More will dedicate itself to designing, specifying, building and warranting residential improvements from basement to attic. New kitchens, bathrooms, additions, bedroom improvements, are all possible by dealing with one qualified company.

Plan your Kitchen Remodeling Today!

Choosing the right options for your culinary home..
Renovating your kitchen along with selecting cabinets, islands and appliances can be a daunting task for anyone. We seek to help with sifting through the diverse amount of products and styles that will help you build your dream kitchen.
We start with the simple design and layout of your room and proceed through cabinetry and appliance choices. While stressing practicality and new ideas, you'll find topics about different kitchen designs including backsplashes, pantries and even wine storage. View our own explanations and recommendations for all of your kitchen remodeling plans.

Creating Kitchens that work!
View the profiles of different kitchens along with pictures and remodeling ideas that may assist you in rejuvenating your own kitchen. Our featured residential kitchens are selected with the diverse kinds of homeowners in mind and are chosen for their unique styles, options and functionality.
As you make choices on plans and consider the cost, keep in mind, kitchen remodeling builds value and personality for your home. Make the right choices and remodel with confidence!